Telecult Powers “Never Ending Empires” from the new album “Black Meditations” out now on Experimedia.

Note to those waiting on orders placed while I was on the road for the past couple of weeks….. I just got in late last night after almost 3 weeks on the road. I have to spend today unpacking my car and a trailer of my stuff my friend is bringing back from the festival. Then I have to get everything in the shop wired up and hooked up again since I had to take all my cables and power strips. I took a good portion of my worldly possessions to the festival. Plus I have to sort through about 4000 emails and 100s of orders. Going to be chaos but will start packing and shipping again tomorrow. This is the only time of year I take some time off for travels/touring etc. Rest of the year I’m working/packing/shipping non stop. Hope you understand. Thanks for your patience.

From the new album by Spyros Polychronopoulos (aka Spyweirdos)… coming this fall on Experimedia.

//EXP.NEW | Lawrence English, Alex Cobb, Mark Barrott, Gruppo, Morricone, Herndon, Demdike, Moana, Cyclobe++


Telecult Powers, the candle burning duo of Witchbeam & Mr. Matthews, known for their ritualistic live shows and previous releases on Baked Tapes, Draft, Pizza Night and more, bestow upon us their new album “Black Meditations”, a six part sonic meditation on the connections between man, myth & magic. “Black Meditations” taps into the world of folk magic, reaching out to the spirit world through sonic practice, with the duo praying at an altar of bizarre electronic instruments handcrafted by Mr. Matthews. Through this “Hoodootronix” music Telecult Powers taps into the current in which the spirits of Atlantis, Rexino Mondo, In Search Of…, Dionysus cults, old witchy Hollywood, Mort Garson, Louise Huebner, Nik Raicevic, Bruce Haack, Bebe and Louis Barron, and Discordians draw from. Featuring guest appearances by Lala Ryan from Excepter, Rachel & Grant Evans, Kate McGuire, The Road Chief and liner notes by Carl Abrahamsson.