February 6, 2014 / 8:00pm: Attending a performance by Tatsuya Nakatani and the Nakatani Gong Orchestra is an experience not to be missed. Nakatani coaxes a vibrant tapestry of sound from a large collection of differently shaped and sized gongs and other instruments including drums, singing bowls, metal bells, sticks, kitchen tools, and homemade bows. Nakatani will conduct classes the day of the event for selected Northeast Ohio musicians, who will perform under the artist’s direction during the concert using handmade accessories like bows and mallets.

eleh - for moussavi atrium (cd)
kouhei matsunaga - drawings (book + 7inch)
giuseppe ielasi - stunt (appendix) (3x7inch vinyl)
adam asnan & giuseppe ielasi - quarry (12inch vinyl)
hartmut geerken’s rock and free jazz group kabul - live in kabul 1976 (2x12inch vinyl lp)
no neck blues band - furamingo josei (12inch vinyl lp)
prostitutes - truncheon cadence part 1 of 2 (10inch vinyl)
blacknecks - blacknecks004 (12inch vinyl)
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phase, gareth wild, dax j & secluded - x projects pt. 1 ep (12inch vinyl)
positive centre - hiding knives (12inch vinyl)
inigo kennedy - vignettes one (12inch vinyl)
haf haf - notch (cassette)
tim feeney - caroline (cd)
johann johannsson - prisoners original soundtrack (2x12inch vinyl lp)
peter broderick - float 2013 (12inch vinyl lp)
jacaszek - treny (cassette)
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aa (big a little a) - voyaager (12inch vinyl lp)
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david andree + josh mason - call, response (12inch vinyl lp)
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tiny ruins - some were meant for sea (12inch vinyl lp)
good night & good morning - narrowing type (12inch vinyl lp)
willamette - always in postscript (10inch vinyl)
va - pop ambient 2014 (12inch vinyl lp + cd)
the field - cupid’s head remixe i (12inch vinyl)
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Death After Life, Thug Entrancer’s debut for Software Recording Co. is a deliberately realized collection of dance experimentation and hybridized electronic music with narrow stylistic precedents. It’s also a gripping, somber tide formed from the gravitational pull of an artist’s amble through unknown turfs. 

Ryan McRyhew’s footing as a creative lynchpin in the Denver DIY electronic music scene shuffled to the other world and beat of the South side of Chicago in 2011. McRyhew’s new home allowed him secluded time and space to create in-depth and unconditional music as Thug Entrancer. The move also provided McRyhew direct access to Chicago’s dance music history and the groundbreaking works being crafted in bedrooms and blasted on speakers throughout his neighborhood.

A summation of varied approaches to electronic music, Thug Entrancer’s multiverse is not dissimilar to other Software artists (Slava and Huerco S., for example). McRyhew draws influence from pioneering electronic and experimental composers who placed an emphasis on extended development and technique, alongside early analog dance producers who went all-out and all-in with little more than a TR-808 in their arsenal.

Death After Life is comprised of eight chapters drawn from the album title, each numbered I through VIII. These portions underscore a pitch-dark motif thread throughout the album’s fifty minutes. “Death After Life I” is whittled and icy - long echoed claps and panned sawtooth shapes swelter around the skittering percussive elements over the four-and-half-minutes of unsettled, environmental shifting.

"Death After Life III" delivers rapid-fire, straight up acid with a snare-heavy rhythm registering in an upper BPM range before fraying into the sonic beyond. "Death After Life V" frenetically lashes out with hi-hat triplets, lower mix perimeter synths and pounding claps / snare at a breakneck footwork pace.

The album’s final cut is the most up-front Juke number. Altogether shorn of the more abstract spaces heard earlier, “Death After Life VIII” attacks with the feel of a live, improvised performance. In fact, the majority of the tracks on Death After Life were composed on the fly with very few overdubs and zero reliance on sampled sources.

Two additional tracks, “Ready to Live Pt. 1” and “Ready to Live Pt. 2”, will be available as bonus cuts for the digital / CD versions. These two tracks can be seen as a prelude or coda to the album, with the former’s warmer touches adding a daub of color to the menacing monochrome of the main set, and the latter’s variegation upending the preceding track’s lighter, more affirming feel. As a pair, they are a terrific balance to the weightier core of Death After Life.

While Death After Life reframes elements of Chicago Juke and house in long-form design, the end result one in which a subtler horizon is discovered, trumping more palatable musical codes and dissuading us from treating electronic music, or any genre-stamped style matter, with rote attention. 

*Excerpts from new albums now available at Experimedia.net.*

aaron dilloway - all of them spies (cassette) 
abram shook - sun marquee (12inch vinyl lp) 
abram shook - sun marquee (cd) 
actress - ghettoville (3x12inch vinyl lp) 
actress - ghettoville (5x12inch vinyl lp + 2cd + book boxset) 
actress - ghettoville (cd) 
alasdair roberts & robin robertson - hirta songs (cd) 
arve henriksen - places of worship (12inch vinyl lp + cd) 
barker & baumecker - transsektoral (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
bushman’s revenge - thou shalt boogie! (12inch vinyl lp + cd) 
celer - in the finger-painted fields of the eyes (cassette) 
charlemagne palestine - running and chanting and falling and ranting (cd + book) 
conforce - kinetic image (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
cybotron - enter (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
damien jurado - brothers and sisters of the eternal son (2cd) 
damien jurado - brothers and sisters of the eternal son (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
daniel mench - quanta of light (12inch vinyl) 
david behrman - wave train (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
david yow - tonight you look like a spider (cd + dvd) 
doug paisley - strong feelings (12inch vinyl lp) 
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eliane radigue - feedback works 1969-1970 (12inch vinyl lp) 
eliane radigue - opus 17 (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
eliane radigue - vice-versa, etc… (12inch vinyl lp) 
elm - nemcatacoa (12inch vinyl lp) 
family circle - family circle (12inch vinyl lp) 
federico molinari - sacoa generation (12inch vinyl) 
girl trouble - hit it or quit it (12inch vinyl lp) 
girl trouble - hit it or quit it (cd) 
heatsick - deviation (12inch vinyl) 
helm - the hollow organ (12inch vinyl) 
holly herndon - chorus (12inch vinyl) 
jacobites - robespierre’s velvet basement (12inch vinyl lp) 
jd emmanuel - time traveler (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
jeff mills - chronicles of possible worlds (cd + dvd + book) 
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lee noble/ensemble economique - motion forever (12inch vinyl lp) 
nikki sudden - bible belt (12inch vinyl lp) 
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no neck blues band - cino51 (12inch vinyl lp) 
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psychic ills - radar eyes b/w cosmic michael theme (7inch vinyl) 
pye corner audio - black mill tapes volumes 3 & 4 (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
quiet evenings - impressions (12inch vinyl lp) 
reluctance - weary souls on troubled soil (cd) 
richard youngs / valet - tsuki no seika vol 2 (7inch vinyl) 
robert ashley - string quartet describing the motions of large real bodies (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
secret colors - lullaby (cassette) 
skin graft - balance/d (cassette) 
steve moore - pangaea ultima (cd) 
tashi dori - guitar improvisations (cassette) 
thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra - fuck off get free we pour light on everything (12inch vinyl lp) 
thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra - fuck off get free we pour light on everything (cd) 
thee silver mt zion memorial orchestra - kollaps tradixionales (2x10inch vinyl) 
va - i heard the angels singing: electrifying black gospel from the nashboro label, 1951-1983 (2x12inch vinyl lp) 
va - killed by deathrock vol.1 (12inch vinyl lp) 
va - killed by deathrock vol.1 (cd) 
va - polyrhythmic series no. 3 (12inch vinyl) 
vex - sanctuary: the complete discography (12inch vinyl lp) 
wanda group - a slab about being held captive (12inch vinyl lp)

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