Photo of this year’s live configuration for my performances and 4 tiny excerpts of the wide range of sounds you can expect to hear. Debuting at the RCN Cave in Akron, OH March 22nd.

From the CDr “Residual Levitation”, recorded as a premium for WCSB’s 2013 Radiothon.

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Thursday February 27 at 8pm at MOCA Cleveland.

View the trailer.

Experimedia and MOCA Cleveland present Joshua Bonnetta, an interdisciplinary artist working with film, video and sound in various modes of theatrical exhibition, performance and installation. His work has shown at The Berlinale, The Toronto International Film Festival, The Images Festival, Mutek International Festival of Electronic Music, European Media Arts Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival amongst others. He is an Assistant Professor in the department of Cinema, Photography and Media Arts at Ithaca College.

Strange Lines and Distances, an award winning two-channel audio-visual installation by artist Joshua Bonnetta which examines Guglielmo Marconi’s first transatlantic radio broadcast. The work is inspired by Marconi’s belief that sound waves never completely disappear, but rather diminish incrementally becoming fainter over time. He believed that with an adequately sensitive receiver, one could amplify the echoes of history. Strange Lines and Distances looks at and listens to the past, revisiting Marconi’s original transmission sites in order to explore the hauntological aspects of radio and landscape. The installation invites a consideration of the monumental impact of the first wireless transmission, and explores the medium’s potential to conflate and fragment both space and time.

Strange Lines and Distances’ dual channels represent the transmission site in Poldhu Cove, U.K. and the receiving site at Fever Hospital, St. John’s, NL. Each historical site is documented using 16mm colour negative film. The sonic composition was created from site-specific field recordings, shortwave and longwave radio recordings and archival material. Mired in static and atmospheric interference, the recordings exist as fragmentary spectres of outport beacons, noise, musical passages and human voice. Visually, each channel contains imagery that resonates and rhymes with the opposing channel in terms of shape, line, color, light and optical geometry. Through a visual examination of the sites’ topographical similarities, the work plays with the juxtaposition of landscape, architectural ruins, flora, and geological and meteorological phenomena. The images unfold as a series of long shots, and this play with duration creates a montage that asks the spectator to consider distance and the poetics of form.

Mr. Bonnetta will give an artist talk on Strange Lines and Distances before the film screening and host an audience Q & A session afterward.

On March 25th 2014 Experimedia Films will release a special limited edition of Strange Lines & Distances featuring:
-DVD of the film
-12” Vinyl LP containing an extended score
-Printed inner sleeve with Monograph by Jeffrey Sconce
-Uncoated Gatefold Sleeve
-HD Video & Audio Download Coupons
+Optional Blu-Ray Add-on

Tune into WCSB 89.3FM in Cleveland on Wednesday February 19th between 7pm-9pm for a chance to win tickets.

General Admission: $8 
Free for MOCA Members + CIA Students with valid ID

Guests will have access to the galleries with admission.

Good day for sure. Happy V Day! Much love to all.

*Excerpts from the album. Now available at*  *This is a must have! Do not let the “Cut Chemist Presents” or “Funk” fool you. This is not funk or hip hop. File under Post-Punk/Industrial/Minimal/80’s French Underground. Fantastic edition. Double LP with extensive 12” sized booklet and a bonus 7inch.* First pressing on LP comes with 7” containing previously unreleased tracks by Vox Populi! and Pacific 231. Vox Populi!, a 1980s French post-punk/industrial/minimal collective known for circulating cassette-only releases, gets the reissue treatment lovingly curated by turntablist/producer DJ Cut Chemist. In 2004, while on tour/record-digging in Milan, Italy, Jurassic 5 founder and DJ Cut Chemist picked up a compilation featuring a group named Vox Populi!, whose track “Megamix” caught his attention. As familiar as he was with early hip-hop releases that pioneered the megamix (The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, Double Dee & Steinski’s Lessons series), this was clearly coming from a different set of cultural reference points. Originally released in the ’80s, the track was not rooted in disco, hip-hop, or in DJ history, but rather in the sounds of post-punk and industrial music. The rudimentary “scratching” present on the song was abrasive, and probably executed with a reel-to-reel tape machine rather than a turntable. Its intended effect was not to bridge two songs or breaks, but to jar the listener out of what was otherwise a seamless club track experience. “Musique concrète” is what the collective (Vox, Pacific 231, H.N.A.S., X Ray Pop, and others) might have called their approach at the time. “Wild Style on dust,” was how Cut’s collaborator Tom Fitzgerald described it. Finding this record ultimately led to Cut Chemist tracking down the group, bonding over shared aesthetics and getting their blessing for this collection, which includes unreleased tracks, photographs and little-seen flyers and art from the group. Their original output was primarily on cassette with the occasional vinyl LP/EP released on their own Vox Man Records imprint, or on other like-minded independent labels. Including extensive insert liner notes.



Disintegration II | Magnetic Cassette Tape Coating on Paper | 14” x 20” | 2014