Spine Scavenger (Aaron Dilloway) - Weighted Ghost

Thank the heavens! We have more Spine Scavenger Vinyl! I’ll be honest about two things: 1) Aaron Dilloway’s “Modern Jester” 2LP is probably my favorite thing to come out, so far, in 2012. 2) Spine Scavenger has, generally, been my favorite stuff that Dilloway has done. So with that in mind I am utterly thrilled that Spine Scavenger’s “Weighted Ghost” album has been given the proper vinyl treatment. It’s no secret that Dilloway is one of the best around. Opening with some seriously demented synth growl, “Weighted Ghost” gets down to business in no time at all. Stoically repetitive sequences build and build until the pressure in your skull reaches the breaking point. Dilloway pushes past the point of no return, scowling all the way until each layer is sufficiently soaked in dirt and brine. This isn’t pretty and it isn’t meant to be. The flipside fakes you out in the beginning, but there is no breather; there is no let up. Each successive runthrough gets higher and higher - the saw-waves colliding with each other until there’s nothing left but ugly, jagged edges. It’s almost too much. Almost. And then, when you least expect it, the whole excursion gets buried underground by heavy, static bass filth. This is oppressive nature. The jig is up at the end, though, as the death-spiral sequences return and everything is turned to sonic black. Spine Scavenger is no laughing matter. This is the stuff of legend… the best kind of nightmares around. - Brad Rose for Experimedia

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