Frank Bretschneider


For his new release on LINE, Frank Bretschneider presents an album of compositions sourced from the Subharchord, an obscure “electronic instrument developed during the 1960’s at the RFZ, the technical center for radio and television of the East German postal service.” These sounds, augmented by material culled from Clavia Micro Modular synthesizer, were arranged into the eight part composition “Kippschwingungen.” Austere and alien, Bretschneider’s compositions are uncompromising in execution. Pulsing white noise and click rhythms abound here, evolving slowly over time but ultimately resulting in a type of sonic stasis. By “Part 7,” things open up a bit more, with Bretschneider allowing his oscillators to finally breathe. Formally immaculate and unyielding in focus, “Kippschwingungen” fits perfectly with LINE’s body of work. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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