Robert Curgenven + Richard Chartier
Built Through


One phrase really jumps out at me when reading over the information included with the new album from Richard Chartier & Robert Curgenven: Acoustic Architecture. That is exactly what “Built Through” is. Chartier and Curgenven use a multitude of processes to dissect and digest a wide range of sound. At times, they’re taking apart past compositions of Chartier’s and processing them ‘through three improvisations for a 16 foot single manual pipe organ.’ The results speak for themselves, adding new space and depth to any already impressive piece. Field recordings of Curgenven’s are reworked by Chartier, contrasting digital sounds and processes with something that feels entirely organic. This is sonic engineering at its finest. There’s a real delicacy to each of the four pieces on “Built Through,” and with each successive listen a new layer is revealed. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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