Padang Food Tigers
Ready Country Nimbus


Close to the very definition of pastoral music, Spencer Grady and Stephen Lewis, operating here as Padang Food Tigers, allow the sounds of rural life – rain, children playing, and wind – to become just as necessary as the guitar, piano, and banjo, the three traditional instruments that appear most often on “Ready Country Nimbus.” The two musicians are better known as two-thirds of Rameses III (Type, Important Records) and, though their style is similar, the music on this LP is noticeably pared back in order to illuminate naked, rough-hewn folk songs without a hint of the technological world. Even song length is cut down with none of the record’s fifteen tracks eclipsing the four minute mark. Unlike many other acts who take a similar approach to folk and minimalist tropes, Padang Food Tigers carry an optimistic mood throughout “Ready Country Nimbus,” allowing a warm, inviting feeling to pervade this enticing album. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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