David Orphan
Songs For Hannah Henley

(Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)

The thing I love about the Andy Votel-curated Pre-Cert Home Entertainment label is that you’re never quite sure what to expect. There’s always some vague and crytpic occult connotations with the music and visual element to the releases, but it’s all genuinely mysterious in the best way. David Orphan’s “Songs for Hannah Henley” is no exception. Orphan, a member of the Finders Keepers brigade, is the founder of the Devon Folklore Tapes research project/label and “Songs for Hannah Henley” is a natural extension of all that he’s been documenting with that project. This soundtrack has a strong, running narrative throughout that guides you through valleys of wheezing, mechanical organs and clattering percussion. Unsettling, desolate vocals are like pinpoints of light throughout this aural sea of grey. As the record jumps from one scene to another, the jumbled-medley quality to how the record is sequence becomes one of its greatest strengths. It’s like being lost inside some kind of ancient madness, fumbling through dusty corridors while being chased by an unseen, ghostly presence. It is wholly unnerving and I simply cannot get enough. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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