Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
An Age Of Wonder

(Shelter Press)

Je Suis le Petit Chevalier is the nom-de-plume of Belgian songstress Felicia Atkinson. While she’s done a number of releases under her own name, JSPC came into being early in 2011 and has been haunting stereos ever since. “An Age of Wonder” is her best release yet. On “Fever Dunes,” the mood is nostalgic. Simple keyboard loops float in the air around a series of minimal beats. Atkinson’s vocals emerge from the mist like a beacon leading you somewhere unknown. There’s a sadness in the repeating chords that pulls out fragile emotions from the deep end of the ocean. The pieces ends with the beats picking up steam like a heart racing, eventually overcome by the darkness and left to spiral into the abyss. “The First Forest” picks up where the A-Side leaves off, though with added crunch. Hopeful notes drift out from the washed-out undercurrents of organ and guitar like a distant destination in a sullen landscape. Atkinson is reaching for the top of the mountain as the piece gets more and more oppressive. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful, each note carefully considered and left to wallow in the aural murk. “An Age of Wonder” simply goes one step further in proving what a force Felicia Atkinson is. stunning work. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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