Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti


If for no other reason, the Miasmah label should be commended for cultivating an aesthetic and sticking to it. Home to artists such as Kreng, Elegi, Jacaszek and Greg Haines, it has steadily issued baroque, ghostly post-classical records with eye towards consistency and pace over the last few years, and, to my ears, “Gramercy,” the product of a well-suited collaboration between Gareth Davis and Frances-Marie Uitti, is one of their finest outings to date. On “Detour” Uitti’s bowed and scraped strings engulf Davis’ clarinet, hovering thick and suffocating in the air. The atmosphere cultivated by the pair over the course of this long-form recording is nothing short of remarkable. With any Miasmah release, words like “haunting,” “noir,” and “spectral” are bound to pop up in critical appraisals. In my estimation, “Gramercy” should give us pause to add another term to this list: “focus.” - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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