We dropped in on the Excruciating Sound show in Norton Ohio on May 19th with our projector and added some live visual mixing to each performance. These are just a few excerpts we happened to capture on video. The visuals are manipulated and adapted on the fly to fit with the style of the audio content and work within the constraints of the room, it’s lighting, and the surface we are projecting on. In this case our approach was on the frantic, extreme and schizophrenic side. Fast frantic sudden transitions etc. Where as with mellower content we often take a more subtle paced approach utilizing softer blown out effects. Since the surface we were projecting on wasnt flat, solid, and light colored we needed to often effect the visuals to have sharper edges, lines, contrast, and saturation. Overall a great time and great experience mixing video to this kind of work. Will be adding example reel’s for other events and styles of music in the near future.

Performances by: Cocaine Wolf, Fascist Insect, Northern Aggression , Extreme Noise Terrier, Cunting Daughters

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