Age and Transformation / Aged and Transformed


The first thing that is apparent about “Age & Transformation” is its shear scope.  This is massive.  Sprawling, if you will.  There is nearly two hours of musical constructions spread across two discs and they are pieces that demand your attention.  Intricate patterns are concocted through wrecked strings and the sounds of empty space.  It’s like touring the architectural graveyards of the industrial world.  Creaking and crawling through time, finding the longest, most difficult paths to explore the past, Monos (aka Darren Tate) aural landscape is a deep and detailed place.  Strings feel like they could shatter at any moment. Field recordings are layered and brought to life, unveiling a living, breathing cityscape that exudes a kind of organic urbanism.  It all feels so simple yet momentous and beautiful.  Wistful chords flow from a Rhodes piano (or maybe it’s an organ… or maybe it doesn’t really matter), dripping with nostalgic daydreams of life before the fall.  This section, this wonderfully haunted aria toward the end of disc one, has the heaviest impact.  It is heartbreaking in the best way.  ”Age & Transformation” is a grand treatise on all things elemental and industrial and the inherent symmetry between the two.  - Brad Rose

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