Mpala Garoo
Ou Du Monde


I like how the name Mpala Garoo sounds in my mouth — like a bite-full of mashed potatoes or something. To western ears, Moscow native Ivan Karib’s music shares a similar fluffy exoticness; a translation of a translation, filled with electronic and organic hand drumming that dances around hazy off-center guitar jams. In the last few years tropical imagery has been appropriated by a range of artists, imbuing their aesthetics with a sense of sunny escapism. On Ou Du Monde — which is a vinyl update of a 2010 Sweat Lodge Guru tape — Karib proves that the tropics are more a feeling than a place. The Beach Boys or Jo‹o Gilberto might as well have been from the arctic. This kind of music is both optimistic and bittersweet. It feels good, and feeling good is a cross-generational, cross-regional kind of thing. - Keith Rankin

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