Olan Mill


 Exploring an even more minimal and reductive sound than the one exhibited on “Pine,” their 2010 debut, the duo of Olan Mill have crafted an album that possesses the sound of an orchestra bereft of everything but a few layers of floating, drifting strings. All rough edges and exposed blemishes have been finely honed and buffed away in order to solely expose elegant and lush neo-classical contours. In this field, Stars of the Lid are simply an unmistakable touchstone, but “Paths” does just enough to keep the formula enticing and enduring. The key is an alternating emphasis on light, airy passages and dark, dour ambience that grounds the album in a becoming equilibrium. There are few surprises on “Paths,” but it’s hard to care when the slow string melodies unfurl with such ease and fluidity. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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