Decimus 11


Decimus is the solo project of Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band), and on 11 he takes us deep into the world of modern sound collage. Except I don’t think anything is sampled here, rather Murano has created separate modules of instrumentation that when melded together make a mutant patchwork of sorts. The album’s unifying factor is it’s dankness and murk — most of it feels subterranean, or dripping with brown goo, and because of that lo-fi blanket even a beat or a standard guitar meditation sounds a bit otherworldly. Other recognizable musical elements do crop up on the album, but it’s hard to use standard genre tropes like electronic, kraut or drone-metal (or whatever) to describe what 11 actually sounds like. It is abstract, but not necessarily “difficult” music — which is to say I never felt my mind wandering while listening. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the craft and arrangement skills on display, especially in conjunction with the pervading weirdness. - Keith Rankin, Experimedia

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