Christian Fennesz
Aun: The Beginning and The End of All Things

Ash International

It’s always a pleasure to hear new solo material from Christian Fennesz, who continues even at this stage in his career to refine and develop his sound. His latest effort is in fact and original soundtrack to a film by Edgar HonetschlŠger, though you might not know it from listening to it. The press release, with its talk of “the story of mankind’s quest for the future,” does a good job of illustrating for the listener the contextual framework for which Fennesz was tasked with providing audio accompaniment. Sonically, the album is full of the type of granular processed guitar phrases we’re accustomed to hearing from the Viennese guitarist. Lush pads and skittering high end delays form beds over which lyrical guitar phrases are delicately placed. Tracks from his collaborative album with Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Cendre,” are interspersed with these new pieces, with Sakamoto’s piano adding high drama in contrast to Fennesz’s sizzling guitar drones. A bit more understated than his most recent longplayer “Black Sea,” “Aun” proves to be a compelling listen and a worthy inclusion into Fennesz’ already exceptional discography. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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