Phantom Horse
Self Titled


Debut LP from Hamburg neo-krautrock duo Phantom Horse that plays as a continuation of themes introduced by the likes of Neu!, Can, and, most prominently, Cluster (Phantom Horse maintain a Zuckerzeit-style propulsion throughout). The opener “Neunzehnhundertzweitausend” translates as “nineteen hundred two thousand” and this reinforces an idea of a temporal bend, an awareness of legacy and continuation. The album starts things off with a throbbing baseline that fades in and out of focus while an electric piano patch, soft bells, and careful guitar swell toward ultimate disintegration when the machines lose power. “Twilight Sohn” follows with a motorik drum machine and distorted melody accompanied by electric chirps and wobbling oscillations. The patterns that Phantom Horse conjure are hypnotic and, like their namesake, an ethereal presence that overwhelms and engages while maintaining a steady gallop. There’s a bit of early Battles melodic repetition in songs like Rongo Rongo and Kateshi among the constant kraut rhythm and movement. A worthy debut and definitely a group to keep an eye on. - Curt Brown, Experimedia

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