Failing Lights
Dawn Undefeated


I’ll confess to never being totally bowled over by Failing Lights. Much of the project’s output has felt like post-Wolf Eyes muck to me, possessing neither the frenetic, punk-informed energy of Hair Police (Mike Connelly’s primary project) or the highly detailed electronic bewilderment of frequent collaborator Robert Beatty’s Three Legged Race. However, with the release of a self-titled album on Intransitive Records in 2010, I began to second guess my initial appraisal. That album was possessing of a delicacy and tact that I hadn’t previously associated with the project. I was intrigued then at the prospect of a new Failing Lights album for the Dekorder label, a quite curatorially consistent imprint, in my estimation. “Dawn Undefeated” is a focused affair, full of analog processing, chiming tones, pianos and tortured strings. Only briefly does it flirt with the type of crumbling, murky sound design that I’d previously associated with the project. The B-side in particular, a long suite of dynamic and engaging drones, twinkling keys and modulating static, proves well worth a listen. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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