Ever since hearing Kemialliset Ystavat’s self titled 2007 album, I’ve had a big fond spot for Jan Anderzen. The meticulous and expertly mixed collage of sounds was really something to behold then, and that same style continues wonderfully on Hylyt, Anderzen’s new album under his more prolific Tomutonttu moniker. What strikes me most about this work is how unified the seemingly random bursts of noise are around a central, almost compositional thread. Though obscured through the eschewing of traditional song templates, a composers edge is at work, with each squeal and squelch finding a specific home within Anderzen’s far-stretching sonic cornucopia. Hylyt is focused on how timbres and textures interact and fit (or don’t fit) together, and a constant sense of discovery pervades the album, as when bursts of worn piano notes butt against looped pitch shifted vocals, stuttering tom hits, and synth embellishments. On the surface this collage might seem almost overwhelming — there is a lot going on. But again, the mixing and placement of each tone is precise enough to allow new templates to rise from the realms of noise. - Keith Rankin, Experimedia¬†

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