Unrecognizable Now
Two Rooms


Many who read this review will understand ambience as a particular brand of music – understated, textural, and atmospheric – while most of the world defines the term as mere sounds that litter any given environment. With “Two Rooms,” Unrecognizable Now attempt to mesh the two definitions as the album places equal importance on live instrumentation and the random sounds that filter into a recording area. Specifically, the duo of Marcus Fischer and Matt Jones creatively set up microphones in a long corridor of an empty office building to catch their spontaneous sonic approaches, illuminating the blemished just as much as the composed. Stray plucks and harmonics occasionally emerge, but mostly it sounds exactly like what you’d expect: ambient improv played in the next room over. Given the proper space to resonate, the languid drones take on an expansive, gaseous quality that is at its best when given contour by Ted Laderas’ gentle arcs of cello. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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