Golden Retriever
Occupied With The Unspoken

Thrill Jockey

Latest release in Thrill Jockey’s admirable campaign to make the works of less widely known (not to readers of this site, of course) West Coast drone/electronic musicians available in larger editions, this new Golden Retriever full-length marks the duo’s most refined and accessible recordings to date. While perhaps not as transportive or immediately engaging as their NNA tape from a few years back (which, to these ears, remains one of the absolute highlights of the “synth revival” or whatever you want to call it), “Occupied with the Unspoken” is a compelling and rich set that finds Sielaff and Carlson attempting to reign in and exert an even higher level of mastery over their chosen means of musical expression. Carlson’s playing here is particularly virtuosic, with startlingly musical keyboard trills set against panoramic sound design and otherworldly pads. Deliriously fun, detailed music and a fantastic “major label” debut for this Portland-based unit. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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