Willits + Sakamoto
Ancient Future


Certainly no strangers to nearly all who visit this website, legendary pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto and guitar/laptop alchemist Christopher Willits follow their 2008 collaborative debut, “Ocean Fire,” with another set of stretched chords and minimalist tendencies. They both share an innate sense of how to control spatial qualities and grandly illuminate small musical details. “Ancient Future” is abundant with evidence of this approach as most of the tracks feature Sakamoto’s soft piano chords while Willits’ skittering fragments and electronic textures flicker on the periphery. The template does vary, however, as Sakamoto’s keys disappear for entire stretches (“Levitation”) and unabashed melody, nearly romantic in feeling, is explored (“Completion”). It is slight, introspective music, but “Ancient Future” is still a highlight in both musicians’ vast, extensive discographies. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 

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