Gideon Wolf

Fluid Audio

Gideon Wolf’s “Paper” is an interesting one for sure. In fact, I’ve listened to it a number of times already and I’m still not sure what to make of it. Raw, looped vocals create a dizzying, cathartic effect on “Cathedral” and is perhaps the best summation of the album. There’s elements of this piece that remind me of Sacred Harp Music, but it is also boundless and modern, building up and coming back down perfectly. The voices return on “Nine Hundred Miles,” but fall to the wayside as a mix of understated rhythms and piano flourishes spiral out of control before being caught in a web of contemplative, droning strings. If that sounds a bit all over the place it’s because it is and that’s one of “Paper’s” strongest qualities. Gideon Wolf is certainly doing something right. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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