Birch Cooper
I Was A Teacher


Another Digitalis drop from the Slaves camp, hot on the heels of the superb Spirits of the Sun LP (just last week!). “I Was a Teacher” sees Birch Cooper step out on his own and proves to be a much different animal than the aforementioned woozy, drone-laden headtrip. If the Slaves sound on their Digitalis debut can be thought of as principally devotional, Cooper’s solo work here is unhinged, though certainly not unfocused. The title cut bursts into being with surging, coiling shards of pure tone. Some of these sounds remind me of Bee Mask’s best work, but Cooper manages to make the fractured tones culled from his synths distinct and very definitely his own. The press release asserts that there’s “nothing beautiful” about “I Was a Teacher,” and while, on the whole, Cooper does deal in scalding, disorienting sonics, there are moments of blissful tranquility, such as the denouement of “Meshing Ladder.” A great, bewildering record. Recommended. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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