"Glinter" is a new, limited full-length from Scott Cortez’ long-running shoegaze/drone unit, lovesliescrushing. The album consists of three 20+ minute pieces, all of which focus on radiant, slowly evolving guitar-based drones. Cortez is surely adept at what he does, sculpting cavernous, angelic instrumentals from an array of vintage stompboxes. In an era of boutique pedals that seem to cater towards the every need of ambient guitarists (for better or worse), Cortez’ sound is anachronistic and all the better for it. I suppose he could be using a Timeline or an El Capistan, but from the sound of it its more likely that he’s working with duct-taped DFX-94 and a Midiverb. As always with lovesliescrushing material, the most affecting pieces here are the ones in which Melissa Arpin-Duimstra contributes her angelic vocals to Cortez’ cascading waves of sound. The label says this album contains "perfect, dreamy summer drones," and I for one can’t argue against that in the least. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia 

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