Practical Men


For the uninitiated, jazz can feel like a daunting and demanding genre where questions lie in place of answers. Canaille do not differ from this template, but they do manage to augment it with a wide array of moods and several different genres, including taut funk, organ-led R&B, and mutated surf-rock. Canaille was a Toronto-based sextet who released two albums during their existence, most recently “Practical Man.” Was, of course, is the operative word. The group disbanded in March 2012, stating that they “might be back again later in some other form, but for the time being we’ll be moving on to other places and other things.” “Practical Man,” then, becomes a eulogy – the last vestiges of sound in place of a living entity. At 43 minutes, there are no wasted movements and the album feels thoroughly composed and thought-out, as if the inherent logic of the pieces do not allow any ill-fitting moments or loose ends. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia