Oren Ambarchi
Sagittarian Domain

Editions Mego

Massive new missive from the always intriguing Oren Ambarchi, arriving in the form of an epic 34-minute composition for guitar, Moog, drums, voice (all handled by Ambarchi) and strings. “Sagittarian Domain” is unique in Ambarchi’s canon as it features driving bass and kraut-oriented percussion most prominently, while allowing his trademark guitar processing and atmospherics to take on more of a supporting role. The percussion builds to a frenzied squall, recalling Faust or Can at their most focused and unhinged. This is a BIG record, sort of reminding me of Steven R. Smith’s recent Ulaan Kohl material in its single-minded approach to psych-oriented excess. Blistering and beautiful stuff here. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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