Evan Caminiti
Dreamless Sleep

Thrill Jockey

ANOTHER drop from the Barn Owl camp, courtesy of the ever-trustworthy Thrill Jockey. While my initial concern was that “Dreamless Sleep” would come across as superfluous in the wake of the simply fantastic “Night Dust” LP, which only came out just a couple months ago via TJ sister label Immune, I’m pleased to report that such is not at all the case. In fact, for my money, “Dreamless Sleep” marks Caminiti’s best and most realized work to date (something I very well may have said about “Night Dust” in my review of said!). Utilizing a palette that makes use of both the amorphous Andrew Chalk-lineage cloud drones found on the aforementioned longplayer and some of the more melodic, avant-doom-blues tropes that show up in the Barn Owl catalog, Caminiti has sculpted a refined and quite beautiful record. “Bright Midnight” is a perfect burner for California evenings, with seething guitar drones set amidst a miasma of howling feedback. “Absteigend” builds to a mass of shimmering beauty with coiling synthesizer figures and hissing layers of static. It should be said that this may be Caminiti’s most varied work to date, though certainly not at the expense of coherence. Simply put, this is some of the best guitar-oriented longform music I’ve heard in a while. Highly recommended. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

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