The Call From Below


Major curveball from the Digitalis camp, “The Call From Below” is a bewitching album of hazy dub-oriented head music. Although it is chock-full of dub tropes (decaying vocal samples, delayed keyboard motifs, throbbing riddims), one would be remiss to locate it purely within said genre. Disorienting drones, layers of fuzz and coiling plumes of static descend on the more rhythmic elements and shroud them in a dense fog as on the superlative “Stop Motion.” “LargeItUp” raises the BPMs and is one of the more (only?) danceable tracks in the Digitals canon. This is an album of cycles, something to get lost in, with chanted and looped/chopped vocals forming a web of hypnotic sound amidst webs of seething percussion. Gripping stuff recommended for fans of Hyperdub, Shackleton, Demdike Stare and beyond. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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