Black Elk


"Sparks" is the first album from the quartet of Ian Hawgood, Tim Martin, Danny Norbury, and Clem Leek. These four have considerable achievements already though their various other projects and solo works, but Black Elk finds them unifying in a common voice to create something beautiful. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings, and various vocal and field recordings will be familiar to most, but Black Elk do a wonderful job of creating atmospheres that are moving and captivating. These warm sounds envelop you as you walk through sepia-stained memories of missed chances. It’s not music that I’d call sad by any means, but it’s reflective and confident. Everything is bathed in gold, shining brightly as a beacon for lost souls to find their way back home. "Sparks" is just damn lovely. - Brad Rose, Experimedia¬†

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