Mark Fell
Sentielle Objectif Actualite

Editions Mego

A remix album of sorts, “Sentielle Objectif Actualite” contains, according the press release, “7 remixes by Mark Fell of the first three 12” singles released on the record label Sensate Focus in 2012.” As always with Fell, knowing that this is a remix album doesn’t actually elucidate precisely what you’re actually going to get. “SOA-1” opens the album with a flurry of thudding kicks and sustained chord formations. Much of the album functions the same way, with driving claps and kicks nestled amongst a wealth of panning, whirring synths. These tracks are angular and pointillistic yet imminently listenable, which has always been the hallmark of Fell’s House-oriented music. Lovely stuff and best not to be written off simply as a remix album. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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