Personal pick of the week.  A must have for the personal stash.

Etat Brut
Mutations Et Protheses

Sub Rosa

Rare recordings by pioneers of industrial noise music, 1979-1983, never released before on CD or LP. Etat Brut was an industrial/noise band from Brussels that operated from 1979 until 1983. The duo (Phillippe x and Philippe X, today academic scientists) released dozens of cassettes, various flyers and Xeroxed booklets. Some collective concerts were organized at that time with Club Moral and Pseudocode. Cassettes like Emissions 1 (1981) or Géométrie d’un assassinat (1982) were released on their own label, some others in collaboration with Danny Devos (Club Moral) or Jerry WX (2Tracks, Digital Dance). EB001 was released by Club Moral in 1986, a few years after the fact. The double cassette Mutations et Prothèses was released in 1981 (Etat Brut) and re-released by Club Moral in 1986. The two bonus tracks (only on CD) “Sollicitation Extérieure” and “Psychosomatique” are extracted from 4 IN 1, a cassette released in 1982 by Grafika Airlines, Brussels, including works by Pseudocode, Human Flesh and Mécanique Végétale.

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