Regional Surrealism


"Regional Surrealism" is the first real full-length from Glasgow’s Tom Scholefield, who you may or may not know from his design & video work for the likes of Lone, Kuedo, Oneohtrix Point Never and others. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of Scholefield’s previous works but "Regional Surrealism" is certainly a step above. comprised of 14 diverse vignettes, the album floats from idea to idea with ease, combining diverse sounds in a way that is not just cohesive, but has a running narrative throughout. Melodic synth lines formulate around raw progressions, blurring the line between simple repitation and meditative catharsis. Tape hiss sputters in all the right places while slowed-down, melted vocal samples up the overal cryptic feeling that "Regional Surrealism" exudes. This is a hard album to pin down, even after multiple listens, and that may be its greatest strength. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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