Stephan Mathieu
Code (For WK)


┬áPreviously available only on the deluxe and pricy vinyl version of A Static Place, 12K are now making Stephan Mathieu’s Coda (For W.K) more widely available. While the artist and label consider the work a coda to last year’s acclaimed full length, it actually comes across as more of a counterpoint. While the process used for the new piece is the same as that for the album tracks, the output is quite different beyond a superficial surface-level likeness. For starters, there is much more happening in the upper frequency than anything on the previous record. (Perhaps the 78’s used as source material were in slightly worse condition?) The detailed hiss and granularity are mesmerizing. Beyond that, there is simply more dissonance, more internal conflict on Coda. Elements seem at odds with one another more frequently as the material sampled and the media of choice seem to clash more often than they converge. And somehow the work is actually stronger as a result. Coda envelops the listener every bit as much as A Static Place, but in a completely different way. The instantly enjoyable laid-back haze has been replaced with a baffling fog of contradictions. It’s a beautiful evolution of Mathieu’s grammaphone technique. I’m already curious where it will go next. - Mike Shiflet, Experimedia

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