Vladislav Delay


Vladislav Delay returns to Raster Norton with a new EP of stereoscopic insanity. Espoo is as carnal as it is geometric. The beats, swells, and pulses could be described dancing around or devouring each other. Either seems completely appropriate. It could be M.C. Escher. It could be Hermann Nitsch. The foreground and background show each other no respect, constantly fighting for attention, volleying elements back and forth as they compete for the listener’s attention. Each track is built around a simple loop, but the processing and filtering are borderline Caligularian in their excess. From the resonant undercurrent, a blistering shimmer will arise, have its brief moment in the spotlight and find itself swallowed up by a subharmonic pulse just as quickly as it appeared. This process is repeated throughout the 12-inch’s sixteen odd minutes, while the original loops hold everything down and attempt to feign some semblance of normality. As heavy as it is light, as immense as it is simple, this one is a real mind-melter. - Mike Shiflet, Experimedia¬†

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