Fa 2012
Editions Mego

With news that “Fa 2012” is a vinyl-only precursor to a new Editions Mego full-length, you might assume that it qualifies as a minor, forgettable Fennesz release. But you would be wrong as “Fa 2012” harbors probably the most substantial development in his output over the past decade. The nine-minute track keeps his distinguised sound – crystalline, guitar-led distortions that cycle through webs of granular patches – intact, but in the lower register has a pronounced edge to it in the form of a thumping sub-bass pulse. The 12” won’t be mistaken for standard club fare anytime soon, but it does bring Fennesz even closer to the work of The Field and Gas. It’s a blend of sound that is as surprising as it is fascinating. On the flipside Mark Fell explores such dance dimensions even further with intricate edits, hypnotic beat structures, and beguiling Martin Luther King, Jr. samples. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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