Kane Ikin


As one half of Solo Andata, Kane Ikin builds albums of dark, organic textures that are so tangible you can practically feel the dirt beneath your feet and the shadows hovering just overhead. There are elements of that sublime sound in “Sublunar,” his first solo full-length, but the manner in which Ikin avoids the familiar in favor of bold and adventurous sonics proves to be intensely compelling. Ikin reinvents the Solo Andata template in a few vital ways: by scattering its material across 16 tracks and providing a rhythmic undercurrent, “Sublunar“‘s pace and structure illuminates Ikin’s woozy atmospherics, scuffed melodies, and tape-saturated drones in the best way possible. The approach is seemingly minimal, but there’s a wealth of material to survey on “Sublunar” and it ultimately coalesces into a weird and vibrant form of radiophonic post-rock. Perhaps an odd genre hybrid, but it works to hypnotic effect on “Sublunar.” – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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