Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet
Grapes and Snakes


2012 has been something of a ‘coming out’ year for Maine-based sound artist Jason Lescalleet. I first became aware of Jason’s work by way of stellar collaborative releases such as “Love me Two Times,” his 2006 double-disc suite collaboration with Nmperign for Intransitive Recordings. More recently, of course, his superlative duos with Graham Lambkin have made my ears stand at attention. To date though, “The Pilgrim” remains my favorite release in Lescalleet’s oeuvre, a quite personal and beautiful album that I return to often and highly recommend. It’s interesting then to see this usually somewhat hermetic musician release a (audaciously titled) double-disc on NYC’s eai clearing house Erstwhile and now this relatively high-profile outing for the always fantastic PAN imprint within the same month, all the while touring extensively. Of the many collaboration records I’ve heard him on, Lescalleet’s work here with Dilloway is some of the most menacing and bleak, largely favoring low-end tones, hissing static and negative space. “Burning Nest,” my favorite of the two sides, opens with seething drones and rolling, deep, low end sounds. Over the course of its 20-minute duration it blooms into a mechanized, rhythmic monster, somewhat akin to earlier Wolf Eyes material but much more detailed, less spare. Overall, this is a fantastic, dark set of recordings that fans of any of the aforementioned acts, or, really, experimental music as such, would do well to check out. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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