Ricardo Donoso
Assimilating The Shadow


Ricardo Donoso’s double LP Assimilating the Shadow is a magnum opus electronic soundscape. Following last year’s terrific Progress Chance, Donoso’s third album on Digitalis takes the drumless down-tempo trance formula even further in a hypnotic engulfment of pulsating patterns and transcendental melody. Donoso’s work as a film and television composer is evident throughout Assimilating, which plays like the soundtrack to an unfilmed epic that evokes both the neon sci-fi of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack as well as the blockbuster orchestration of Hans Zimmer’s recent work with Christopher Nolan. Whereas Progress Chance was an excellent album, the overall massive feel establishes Assimilating as a true journey that moves steadily forward, collecting influence from forms of techno and electronic dance music along with Berlin School and early New Age, stripping them of any pretension or guise, and exposing the shadow beneath. The basis in Jungian theory and interspersed vocal samples conjure both introspection and mysticism and Assimilating transforms from the soundtrack of an unfilmed epic to the soundtrack of individual awakening. It documents the listener’s psyche as it moves inward, discovering forgotten truths and becoming something new. - Curt Brown, Experimedia 

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