Rudi Zygadlo


A rich, complex album that adopts the template of pop music only to tear it to shreds, Rudi Zygadlo’s sophomore LP, “Tragicomedies,” is a beguiling piece of music that confounds in more ways than one. The first is the logo that is branded on the back: Planet Mu. Historically the label has been indebted to beat-heavy electronic music, but the introductory track to “Tragicomedies” utilizes pitch-warbled piano and vocals that are almost reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright. The surprises do not stop there as Zygadlo indulges a multitude of different musical whims that include time-stretched vocals, jittery electronics, cyclical piano melodies, glitchy balladry, and woozy atmospherics. Given the diverse, schizophrenic nature of the music, Frank Zappa is one of the first comparisons that spring to mind and, fittingly, he remains one of Zygadlo’s musical heroes. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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