Derek Piotr


Usually a format relegated to throwaway major label releases or club-friendly dance mixes, the CD single has rarely been a vehicle for sound art and other esoteric genres. Derek Piotr, a Poland-born experimental musician, resoundingly avoids such conventional wisdom as this is his second remix collection to surface in the past year. “Deliver,” a collaborative piece with vocalist Carahanni, was originally released on Piotr’s full-length “Airing” in May 2012, but here it is paired with six other diverse renditions that occupy over 30 minutes. The original four-minute track is a minimalist blend of slight rhythms and floating vocals that are sliced and fragmented into an undulating piece of outsider pop, but this starting point is often obscured into ghostly echoes, layered loops, and noisy distortions. The biggest names to appear on “Deliver” are Richard Chartier (under the moniker Pinkcourtesyphone) and C. Spencer Yeh, but every remix provides a unique and distinct look into Piotr’s intriguing source material. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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