Bee Mask


Following on the heels of two superlative LPs on the Spectrum Spools label is this new missive from Chris Madak’s Bee Mask project. Devoted as ever to rigorous experimentation, the sounds here diverge a bit from what I typically associate with the project, favoring crystal clear arpeggiations, subtle vocal samples and intricate sequencing rather than the hazy, clangorous machinations that dominate much of his previous output. Side A’s “Vaporware” is aptly named, with razor-sharp sequencing and arpeggiations bookending a beautiful pad motif. “Scanops” retains the accessibility and clarity of the A-side. Burbling synths and chopped/looped vocals ride a slow-sifting tide of ethereal drones which are slowly removed, revealing a lattice of oddly affecting, wordless vocals. A very nice 12”. Can’t wait for the next full length. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia¬†

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