Eli Keszler
Catching Net


Installations - Compositions. That hyphen is important. Eli Keszler’s pieces represented here aren’t one or the other, but chimera blends of the seemingly disparate experimental music practices. The first disc features both of sides of Cold Pin (the previously released PAN LP) complimented by an unreleased live recording featuring the same unit as the vinyl tracks. Altering between sections of extended resonance and chaotic precision, the three variations on this piece highlight Keszler’s extensive range at its schizophrenic finest. The second disc begins with Catching Net, the first few minutes of which could easily be mistaken for some vintage Nonesuch rarity. Backed by a string quartet this time, the piece is a bit more reigned in at first, but eventually unfolds and reveals the Keszler-isms lurking beneath the surface. From there, the collection is rounded out by two unaccompanied installation pieces, Cold Pin playing itself and Collecting Basin, a long string construction in Louisiana. If you are new to Keszler’s work, this is a great introduction. And if you already happen to have the Cold Pin LP, there is still more than enough new and unique material here to satisfy. - Mike Shiflet, Experimedia

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