Under the guise of minimal electronic music Raster-Noton have dispensed many styles over the years – playful, introspective, abstract, poppy – but rarely have they released anything as aggressive and all-consuming as Emptyset’s new 12” vinyl EP, “Collapsed.” Once the punishing and hypnotic assult begins, it impressively blots out any detail and all other extraneous information for its 15 minute duration. James Ginzburg, the mastermind behind Emptyset, pounds out a diverse array of rhythmic layers that are deep, intense, and bleak, but somehow retain an addictive, listenable quality. At its best “Collapsed” recalls Ben Frost’s “By the Throat” stripped of orchestral flourishes and guitar distortion or Aphex Twin as his noisiest. This may be Ginzburg’s first release for the venerable Raster-Noton, but his ability to structure chaotic beats amid searing signal processing will soon be raising the Emptyset name through its ranks. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 

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