Grischa Lichtenberger
And IV (Intertia)


Though always a controversial term, IDM comparisons are natural for Grischa Lichtenberger’s new album for Raster-Noton, And IV (Inertia), which plays like Autechre funk filtered through Clarkian lowend and near random chaos fields of distorted pattern. The rhythms come from some otherworld realm where subsolar flares light the darkened hallways of the digital domain. The songs are all labeled in cryptic ways that evoke the random complexity of computer code. Bouncing bits of spring and strange metal objects asteroid blast against the walls of resonant eternity and tether the beat in steady Bucephalus Bouncing Balls of glitch and chance. The beat pulls through and a trans-dimensional dancefloor materializes before fading into the green glowing binary of collective conscious grid. - Curt Brown, Experimedia 

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