Theories of Ageing


Bathetic continues their streak of must-own 2012 releases with “Theories of Ageing,” the new album by North Carolina musician Ross Gentry, aka Villages. Dry, wintery atmospheres prevade over the entirety of the LP, but the ease in which Villages swaps piano for guitar, tapes for laptop, and high fidelity for gritty noise makes “Theories of Ageing” diverse and compelling. Many contemporaries would settle for one or the other, but Villages possesses a quiet confidence that instills power and meaning to even the album’s subtlest passages. The notable styles include soft-pedal piano twinkling (“Burial Grounds”), resonant string drones (“Growth Rings”), and looped acoustic fragments (“Before Failures”). In all it adds up to an impressive LP that finds a kinship with late ’90s Kranky releases by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Low, and Stars of the Lid. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia¬†

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