Holly Herndon

RVNG International

I remember hearing Holly Herndon’s sprawling exercise in precise, if not bizzare, synthesis with last year’s “Car,” but even with how much I enjoyed that, I wasn’t prepared for how impressive “Movement” is. Herndon has honed in on the ideas presented on “Car,” while adding in some unexpected dance elements to mix it all up. Album standout, “Fade,” is the most accessible with 4/4 rhythms and chopped-up vocal hooks. And yet it’s still anything but straight-forward as she shifts through layer upon layer of electronic trickery, folding melodies into a filter-constructed fog. The title track flirts with danceability (in the furthest stretch of the word), but is even futher down the twisted rabbit hole than “Fade.” The rhythms are even more broken, the hook more obscured, and it’s all punctuated by acid-infused synth sequences. There’s so much going on here that it’s a miracle Herndon keeps all the plates spinning and nothing falls to the floor. Her skill is impressive and this track is relentless, building and building until your skull feels like it’s going to explode from the inside out. But what really makes “Movement” (the album, not the track) such a feat is the spaces between the two aforementioned tunes. “Breathe” takes six minutes worth of breathing sounds and vocal stutters, pushes them through a vortex of processors and effects, and extracts something that blurs the line between human and machine. This is a really great album. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

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