MIX// Call For Mixes

We want to hear and share your mixes. Mixes as in mixsets, mixtapes, dj mixes, compilations etc. Call to artists, djs, customers, and fans alike. Share with us a mix of music that you want to share with the world and we will share it through our active soundcloud, tumblr news blog, newsletter, and various networks. No strict content criteria. Keep it primarily outsider, fringe, underground, independent tunes and you will be square with us. We are all about diversity. We plan to post these mixes nearly every Tuesday… one per week. Here is some loose criteria.

*new and exclusive for Experimedia
*40 minutes or longer
*provide as 320kb mp3
*include track listing
*include a cover image
*include any links bios credits blurbs you would like included
*feel free to get as creative as you like
*mail text and link to mix@experimedia.net

Feel free to use this to promote your label, your friends music, or just simply to share great music.

So send along your mixes and we will schedule them as they come in and be in touch to let you know when they will be posted.

Looking forward to hearing all of your great mixes. Obviously I love hearing and sharing music and the mix concept for me goes back to a young age when I created mix tapes for friends in school of interesting music I discovered and wanted to share.  And with an unlimited soundcloud account that we pay for it will be nice to put it to further use beyond the shop album previews.  It will also add a nice new dynamic to our news blog here.

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