Vladislav Delay


Kuopio, the latest full length from Sasu Ripatti’s Vladislav Delay moniker, doesn’t sustain the same ferocity that his Espoo EP from this summer did, but that is probably for the best. In lieu of an overbearing all-out assault, the extreme filtering techniques used on Espoo are reigned in and applied to a broader selection of looped pulses and textures, creating a fleshed-out and fully realized album. Where the EP was singularly focused, Kuopio is all encompassing, where it was carnal and sensual, Kuopio is slightly more ponderous. As with his previous long player Vantaa, the Finnish landscape is again the inspiration and that is apparent from the outset. It is a geographic survey in BPM, covering everything from the titular city to the northern hinterlands. Tracks range from cosmopolitan to industrial to arctic, sometimes hitting all three in a matter of moments. The concept remains solid and benefits soundly from Ripatti’s masterful touch. Progression is a key element of the Delay project, but the trajectory isn’t always straightforward. Kuopio’s advances may be subtler than its predecessor, but it is no less engaging. - Mike Shiflet, Experimedia¬†

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