"Exai" is massive. Something of a colonial organism, a chimera informed by the duo’s prior ten studio albums. Clocking in just thirty-two seconds past two hours, "Exai" consists of seventeen songs deftly traversing a myriad of territories within electronic music. There’s a reverberation of modern climes in tracks like "jatavee C," which explores the wobble bass phenomenon and subtly recalls the unending dreamscapes of ’90s "intelligent dance music" in cough syrup-thick waves. Opener "Fleur" is a spastic sense of deja vu exiled as machine manifesto that slows to ominous hits and tribal resolution. Somewhere in the middle is "Bladelores," the album’s longest track at just over twelve minutes, and an epic downtempo piece that begins with simple kick, snare, and pizzicato glitch, soon accompanied by a stuttering bass sequence and drones that blur and resolve in ambient textures. "Exai" is an epic and uncanny electronic dream with a sense of nostalgic precognition balanced carefully against the boundaries of a more traditional identity. There is something of other worlds here, a well appreciated monolith. – Curt Brown, Experimedia

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