Another week. Another great mix to share with you. This weeks installment comes to us from Glacial23. Glacial23 is Cleveland based Sam Harmon who runs the Glacial Communications label.

Glacial23 will be performing a 2 hour live set at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art on March 15th 2013 for the opening of their Spring exhibitions. Accompanied by live video mixing by Jeremy Bible.
twitter: @glacialComms

"A bunch of stuff I’ve been digging lately, as well as recent works from my glacial communications label and a few as-yet unreleased tracks." -Sam

1. glacial23 - Let Go (Huerco S. mix) - from Ethanoic: Acetic Remixes (glacial communications GLAC-25e)
2. Terekke - Asdis - from L.I.E.S. Presents American Noise Vol. 1. (L.I.E.S.)
3. Resting Cell - Semblance Matrix - from glacial23/Resting Cell split C30 “9/09” (glacial communications GLAC-28)
4. Future Image - Fnkreturn - from “My Circuits” (via Bandcamp)
5. Anthony Naples - The Beacon (Instrumental Dub) - from “Cold Holiday” collection (Opal Tapes)
6. glacial23 - Chute - from Chute (glacial communications GLAC-29)
7. Perc - Gonkle - from Wicker & Steel (Perc Trax)
8. Container - Protrusion - from “LP” (Spectrum Spools)
9. Forward Strategy Group - Labour Division - from Labour Division (Perc Trax)
10. Skin Graft - Super Intent - from Wet Engines (Compulsion Rites)
11. Mick Finesse - Evacuation Route - from The Disaster Began During… (Perc Trax)
12. Leslie Keffer - Luna Loblolly - from “Finally, Caves!” 12”
13. Truss - Hackney - from Ganymede (Perc Trax)
14. FUNERALS - K-Motion - from Hypermotion B (Mishka)
15. Clay Wilson - Wythe - from BASH002 (Styles Upon Styles)
16. schädel - Merma - from V/A: Sorghum (
17. glacial23 - Currently untitled - unreleased (No Label yet)
18. Legowelt - I Only Move for U - from The Paranormal Soul (Clone)
19. Polonaise - Trocadero - from Trocadero 12” (100% SILK)
20. glacial23 - sorted [tentative title] - unreleased (No Label yet)
21. Roche - A Night at the Haç - A Night at the Haç (100% SILK)
22. 10-Speed Guillotine - But Suddenly… - Laptop Appetizers (Exoteque Music, Philtre)
23. glacial23 - The path to Spring - from Chute (glacial communications GLAC-29)

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